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WWICS Group awarded


WWICS Group awarded the title of “Achievers of the North” by the Times Group. In the end, Sukhbir Singh Badal congratulated all the business tycoons present for reaching at the pedestal on which they are and motivated them to stead higher. He also said that the industrialists and the state government should interact with each other to augment the key sectors. He also elucidated how the revenue earned by the new excise policy of Punjab would aid education and sports sector. 

Celebrates Canada Day

WWICS Immigration - Lt. Col. B.S. Sandhu (Retd.), Chairman and Managing Director, WWICS, said, “The purpose of the camp was to create awareness on importance of blood donation in view of its demand and this initiative is taken every year by WWICS to promote the noble cause of donating blood. ”
WWICS Chandigrah - He said that the camp would help overcome the myths about blood donation. He added blood donation helps in stimulating generation of new blood cells and it burns calories.

Quebec Investor Program

WWICS Chandigarh -    In a major move targeted at helping company individuals, traders and aspiring business owners desperate to settle in the Quebec, north america, region of Canada, the migrants regulators have declared to re- start the Quebec, north america, Trader System on Aug 1, 2013. This system is designed to entice potential traders and business owners to help in the economic development of the Walnut Nation and generate employment.

 WWICS Mohali - Only 1,750 applications will be approved under this System with a maximum of 1200 applications per country. All the applications from the Parts of asia will be approved in BIQ Hong Kong area. The order of concern of handling the applications would be on the basis of a unique sketch. The System will start only for 16 days which means that the applications should reach the regulators in between Aug 1 and Aug 16, 2013 by ‘Regular Mail’ only.

WWICS - Australia Immigration Consultants


The following findings were also made from the Index:

It is organised that a powerful sense of belongingness towards the group and great levels of social contribution dominates in Sydney, where it is noticed that 94 % of individuals believe they know someone they could depend on soon enough of need, which is again greater than the OECD regular of 90 %. With regards to career, over 73 % of individuals older 15 to 64 in Sydney have a paid job, which again is above the OECD career regular of 66 %. People Sydney perform 1,693 time a season, less than most individuals in the OECD who perform 1,776 time.

WWISC  Group -

In Sydney, 73 % of grownups older 25-64 have gained the comparative of a high-school level, close to the OECD regular of 74 %. This is more true of men than females, as 76 % of men have efficiently finished high-school in contrast to 71 % of females. This difference is greater than the OECD regular and indicates female's contribution in college could be increased…

Canada launches Open Work Permit

WWICS -  The new Linking Start Perform Allow would be a reducing red record for the experienced immigration and a increase to Canada’s economic system. This new release would be advancing for candidates for long lasting residence with better possibilities to integrate into Canada’s work industry to the advantage of our economic system and all Canadians.

The permit would be instantly available and legitimate for one year from the time frame of insurance. Determining foreigners currently in North america , who have posted an system for long lasting property under the Government Skilled Employee Program (FSWP), Canada Experience Category (CEC), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) or the Government Skilled Deals Program (FSTP) may be regarded for a work permit if their present work permit is about to end.
Previously, candidates who were looking forward to a choice on their long lasting property system could find their short-term work allows expiring before their system w…


WWICS - In a major move targeted at helping company individuals, traders and aspiring company owners desperate to settle in North america, the migrants law regulators are all set to release a new system on Apr 1, 2013.

The new Start-Up Charge is a lead system and is designed to entice potential traders and company owners to help in the economic development of the walnut nation and generate employment. 

According to the resources, this new system will entice the best and smartest company thoughts from across the world and is the first of its kind project. The immigrant applicants will be connected with Canada personal industry companies working with start-up company owners. 


The Start-Up Charge Program is another feather in the cap after a sequence of incredible changes in the Canada migrants law system making it quicker, powerful, job-market focused and immigrant-friendly.

For a begin, the Canada migrants law power Citizenship and Immigration North america (CIC) has establish…